News of: Tuesday, February 15 2005,

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam sponsored by Audi

The German car manufacturer Audi will sponsor the Stedelijk Museum (the Amsterdam museum of modern art). Though plans for sponsoring date from 1999, the plans have now been finalized.

In 1999 a lot of commotion existed because of the sponsor plans by the Stedelijk Museum. Many found it inappropriate for a museum of such international standing to be sponsored by an automobile producer. At the time, Audi was rumoured to get one room in the museum as a showroom for new cars.

Now, Audi will have a room named after itself, and will be able to organize exclusive receptions for their own guests.

Audi is not the only commercial sponsor of the museum. Also ABN Amro Bank (one of the large banks in the Netherlands) and the Joop van den Ende Foundation will donate money.

The Stedelijk Museum has been searching for funds for years, as the building at the Museumplein Square is undergoing major reconstruction.

It is temporarily housed (for a few years) in the former post-office building just East of the Central Station. This building is now a great success, apparently also because of the many innovative small businesses that have rented office space in the same building. The new restaurant and bar on the 11th floor (which has a great view to all directions) is also very successful.