News of: Wednesday, February 16 2005,

Fired because of HIV - EUR 6000 damages awarded

A court of law in Utrecht has ruled that a hairdresser, who had said to his boss he has the HIV-virus, should not have been fired.

The hairdresser had not said during the job interview that he has HIV (the virus that can cause AIDS). He did not experience any medical problems. According to the court ruling it is not necessary to mention hiv status, as it is not relevant for the work of a hairdresser. If the hygiene rules for hairdresser are followed, there is no risk of contamination of colleagues or clients.

After working for a month, the hairdresser had told his boss that he has HIV. He was fired immediately.

The hairdresser was awarded EUR 6000 in damages. He will not get his job back, because of the unworkable situation.