News of: Sunday, July 15 2007,

French tourist in Amsterdam slaughters his own dog after using drugs

Another 'magic mushrooms' related incident has happened in Amsterdam.

A Frenchman (28) had killed his own dog in his car along the Herengracht, with a knife and scissors, in the centre of Amsterdam, after using 'magic mushrooms' and smoking marihuana. He said he thought the spirit in the dog had to be liberated. The police found the man in his car, naked, and covered in blood.

Just a few days ago an Icelandic tourist had jumped out of a hotel room after using the mushrooms, and earlier this year a British tourist demolished a floor in a hotel and French girl jumped off a building, which she did not survive.

The sale of fresh 'magic mushrooms' are not prohibited in the Netherlands, as opposed to dried ones, which are on the list of illegal drugs.

'Magic mushrooms'