News of: Friday, July 13 2007,

Tourist jumps out of hotel window in Amsterdam after eating magic mushrooms

Another incident has occurred with a tourist in Amsterdam under the influence of so-called magic mushrooms.

This time, a 19-year old tourist from Iceland jumped out of a hotel room (on the first floor in the Lloyd Hotel in the Eastern Harbour district). After eating the mushrooms, he started to hallucinate and thought that he was chased by someone. He panicked, and finally jumped out of the window. He broke both legs.

Earlier this year, a British tourist caused a scene in a hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, and a few months ago a French girl died after jumping off the Nemo building.

Although dried mushrooms are an illegal substance, fresh magic mushrooms are not.
Political parties in The Hague have urged the government to place fresh mushrooms also on the list of illegal drugs.