News of: Wednesday, May 18 2005,

Free open day new tram 26 to IJburg (IJtram to new Amsterdam islands)

The new tramline 26 to IJburg, the new islands in Amsterdam East, will be officially opened on May 28.
Everyone can have a free ride on that day.

On May 28 the new fast tram line between Central Station and IJburg will be officially opened by transport minister Mrs Peijs.
From 1 pm the tram can be used for free on this day.

The route leads along the new and spectacular Muziekgebouw building, the Passengers Terminal (where the cruise ships moor), the Lloyd Hotel, past the Eastern islands, on to IJburg.
The tram passes the Piet Hein Tunnel (1.5 km / about 1 mile) and goes over the new spectacular Enneus Heerma Bridge (here is a picture - the white, curved bridge).

Various activities and music performances will be organized at the new tram stops.

The GVB has a map of the new tramline route (PDF).

IJburg is the name for the new islands that are created just east of Amsterdam. At the stop 'Vennepluimstraat' you will find the new visitor centre of IJburg.

Currently bus 326 goes from Central Station to IJburg. On May 30 this line will be taken over by the new tram.

The last stop of the IJtram is close to Blijburg Beach, one of the 3 urban beaches in Amsterdam this year.