News of: Saturday, May 21 2005,

Flower bulbs on Amsterdam Flower Market of inferior quality

Three flower bulb dealers on the famous Flower Market in Amsterdam have been prohibited to continue the sale of flower bulbs.

The 3 shop owner run 5 of the 15 flower bulb stands on the market, which is located in the Singel canal in the centre of Amsterdam.

On May 14 the inspectors already seized 80,000 flower bulbs that had gone bad.
Today, after a second inspection, 5 of the shops had not improved the situation. These shops are no longer allowed to sell the bulbs.

In previous years the market had already gotten a bad reputation.

Tourists who want to buy flower bulbs can also do this in garden centres where local people also buy their plants and flowers. In the high season for bulb sales (approximately September to December), bulbs are sold everywhere, including department stores and supermarkets.