News of: Wednesday, May 18 2005,

Amsterdam taxi chaos tackled

The city of Amsterdam is going to introduce a plan to do something about the persisting chaos on the taxi market, which is a result of the liberalization, a number of years ago.

With the 'Actieplan Taxi', the city wants to improve the quality of the taxi market in Amsterdam. Since the liberalization the number of taxis has strongly increased. Licenses have become very cheap, and rules have been abolished.
Up to now, prices of taxi rides have not come down, and the number of complaints has gone up.

There plans are to introduce a list of house rules with which taxi drivers have to comply. Also, smaller taxi stands will be introduced. The most popular taxi stands will be exclusively for quality taxis.
Refusing customers (for short rides) will become forbidden and drivers have to stop their engines while waiting.
Inspectors and cameras will monitor the largest taxi stands. Especially urgent are the taxi stands at Central Station and Leidseplein, as they are frequently full and chaotic.

The most important taxi stands will be redesigned in such a way that customers can take the taxi of their choice. At the moment freedom of choice is only theoretical, as customers are forced to take the first taxi in line.

The measures should be taken within a year.

The city of Amsterdam publishes a taxi brochure for 2005 in Dutch/English with map and explanation, that can be downloaded in PDF-format here.