News of: Thursday, November 03 2005,

Dutch Parliament in favour of controlled marihuana production

Dutch Parliament is now in favour of experimenting with the controlled production of marihuana.

The right wing/liberal political party VVD is now in favour of experimenting with legalized production of soft drugs, which creates a majority in the Dutch 'Tweede Kamer' (parliament).

Use and possession of small amounts of soft drugs is legal in the Netherlands, and the sale is tolerated in a specific number of 'coffeeshops'. However, production and wholesale have always been illegal, and the rounding up of weed plantations is routine work for the police.
Making the production and distribution legal also has long been a discussion, but is opposed by the government and not appreciated in most other countries.

The government has already indicated it is against experiments, which it says violates European laws.
The Social Democrats have said they will draw up a plan for an experiment.