News of: Wednesday, November 09 2005,

Riots as in Paris unlikely in Amsterdam

Urban sociologist Mr Deben (of the University of Amsterdam) says that riots such as are happening in Paris, are unlikely to happen in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, like other major cities in the Netherlands, has a sizeable muslim minority, so worries existed that riots might break out, following the outbreak in France.

Urban sociologist Deben says this is unlikely, as Dutch politicians are much more vigilant about possible situations, and local neighbourhood politicians are always pro-active.

Various neighbourhoods, particularly in Amsterdam west, have concentrations of muslim immigrants, but so far no social unrest has taken place.

Amsterdam does not have suburbs like in Paris. The suburbs that do not have a good reputation are already being renovated - old apartment buildings dating from the 50's and 60's are being replaced by modern residences. Part of these residences are in the higher quality range, so as to ensure that neighbourhoods do not deteriote. This type of mixing of different social economic has always been typical of the Dutch housing policy.