News of: Wednesday, November 02 2005,

'Terrorists' cause chaos near Amsterdam Central Station

This evening two train passengers on a high-speed train from Frankfurt were arrested. It appeared to be false alarm.

The passengers apparently looked like 'muslim radicals' (wearing traditional Arabic clothes and beards) and apparently behaved suspiciously (wearing backpacks).

Other passengers warned the police, who stopped all train traffic coming in to Amsterdam. The train was evacuated and the two suspected terrorists were arrested.

After an investigation it turned out that the 'terrorists' were completely harmless, they were released later in the evening.

Train traffic was chaotic around the Central Station for several hours.

The police might have been more sensitive, because today president Putin of Russia visited Amsterdam (the first visit of a Russian head of state since 1697, when Czar Peter the Great visited Holland), and because tomorrow it is 1 year ago that film maker Theo van Gogh got murdered by a muslim radical in Amsterdam.