News of: Wednesday, August 02 2006,

Public transport chip card introduced in Amsterdam

A group of 40,000 Amsterdammers will be the first to use the new chip card for public transport, that is going to replace the 'strippenkaart'.

Currently, to use public transport (bus, tram, metro), a so-called 'strippenkaart' is needed. This card works on all buses, trams and metros in the Netherlands.

In a transitional period of about 2-3 years, the strippenkaart is going to be replaced by a new chip card, which will function on all types of public transport (not only buses, trams and metro, but also all trains).

This summer, 40,000 Amsterdam will get the new chip card. The group consists of 30,000 public transport pass holders and 10,000 GVB (ex) employees. In this first round, only the metro can be accessed with the new card.

After the summer the general sale of the OV-chipcard will start, so that at the end of 2006 everyone can use it on the metro. Somewhere in 2007 the GVB will introduce the card on buses and trams.

During the transition period, the strippenkaart will continue to exist. The complete abolishment of the strippenkaart is now planned for January 1 2009.

For tourists, pre-paid cards will be available.