News of: Friday, July 28 2006,

Camp site in Amsterdam Zeeburg completely full

The camp site 'Zeeburg' is this year more popular than ever.

It already has had 10,000 more visitors than last year, and often it has to turn down new visitors. The camp site space for 1,400 guests.

Because the site has been fully booked in the high season for the past few years, there are plans to expand the camp site with 50% by making a new island in the water right next to the camp site (the IJmeer lake).

Campsite Zeeburg has existed now for 10 years on its current location. It was set up after the city of Amsterdam prohibited open air sleeping in the Vondelpark, which was a 'hip' thing to do in the 60'ies.
The site used to have a 'hippy' kind of reputation, but is now the biggest camp site in Amsterdam.

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