News of: Friday, October 20 2006,

Parking your car for 1 Euro per day for visitors to Amsterdam

Alderman Tjeerd Herringa (responsible for traffic) has launched a plan to make parking on the edge of Amsterdam very cheap: just 1 Euro per day, which also includes 2 public transport tickets.

There are already special 'P+R' (Park and Ride) parking lots in the outskirts, with low rates. The City of Amsterdam wants to make parking even cheaper, to lower the traffic pressure on the inner city. Particularly during the weekends, when many people go to Amsterdam to shop, long traffic jams build up in the centre.

The P+R parking lots are indicated on this website (in English, rules apply!).

From the P+R parking lots there are good public transport connections to the centre of Amsterdam.
The current rate is E 5.50 per day (which is also very cheap compared to the rates in the centre). It is unkown when exactly the new rate of 1 Euro will become effective.