Parking machine

News of: Tuesday, April 02 2013,

Parking in Amsterdam completely digital as of July 2013

Placing a parking receipt in your car will no longer be necessary in Amsterdam, as of July 2013.

The City of Amsterdam is making on-street parking completely digital.

Starting July, if you want to park your car, you go to the nearest parking machine and type in your licence plate number. Then you pay with a bank card or credit card, and then you're done. No need to go back to your car to place a piece of paper on your dashboard.

The machine will still give a receipt.

On the downside, the maximum walking distance between any street parking place and a parking machine will go from 75 meter to 150 meter (because you don't have to walk to your car any more).

The city hopes to save E 20 million per year with the digitization.

Parking machine

Parking machine