News of: Saturday, April 06 2013,

Gay demonstration during visit of Putin to Amsterdam

President Putin of Russia visits Amsterdam on Monday April 8. The gay community is preparing a demonstration.

The visit is meant to celebrate the Netherlands-Russia Year 2013. President Putin will first visit the Hermitage Amsterdam (the Amsterdam branch of the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg).

In the evening, President Putin will be offered a business dinner in the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) on Monday. This is an appropriate place, as in the 17th century Czar Peter of Russia came to Holland to learn about ship building.

During the dinner the COC (the Dutch national gay organization) will organize a demonstration against the new anti-gay law that Russia intends to pass. The law intends to make all 'gay promotion' illegal, including flying the rainbow flag - a symbol of the gay movement.

The location of the demonstration is opposite the Scheepvaartmuseum, from 7pm.

The rainbow flag will be flown in many places, including Amsterdam's City Hall.

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