News of: Thursday, December 28 2006,

Large decrease in number of murders in Amsterdam

The number of murders (and manslaughter) in Amsterdam in 2006 has decreased with more than 50%.

Whereas in 2005 36 people died in Amsterdam because of violence, in 2006 this number is (until today) only 17.

Also other big cities have seen a radical decrease.
Rotterdam: 18 in 2006 (down from 38 in 2005)
The Hague: 10 in 2006 (down from 35).

It is estimated that in the entire country about 170 will have been killed by the end of the year (down from 201 in 2005).

The province of Limburg, in the South-East of the country (capital: Maastricht), is the only region where the number of killings has gone up.

Police say the decrease can be partially explained by the growing attention for domestic violence (most murders are family-related), and also by the fact that the average age of the population is growing (older people commit less crimes).