News of: Thursday, December 14 2006,

Biggest outdoor interactive video screen on Rembrandtplein

Today the biggest video screen in Europe has been opened on Rembrandtplein square. Passers-by can interact with the screen with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

The screen is 7.6 by 15 meter and it will show movie and video clips.

At first movie clips about art, culture and charities will be shown, later on commercials will be added.
The police and fire brigade can break in at any time with important emergency messages.

Passers-by can upload and download movies from the screen, with a mobile phone. If you have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you can interact with the screen.

The city authorities and the Association 'Vrienden van de Binnenstad' (an association that aims to protect the monumental status of the old city) are not happy with the screen. They think it is too big and too ugly for the inner city of Amsterdam.
Because of mistakes made with the licensing, the city could not stop the screen any more.