News of: Thursday, May 25 2006,

Hermès opens shop in Amsterdam PC Hooftstraat

Another top fashion and gifts brand has opened a shop in the PC Hooftstraat. Yesterday, the French Hermès chain opened its first shop in the Netherlands.

The PC Hooftstraat is the most logical place for brands like Hermès, as this is the most upscale shopping street in Amsterdam.

Last year, Chanel opened its first boutique in the same street in Amsterdam.

Hermès is a family-owned business that was founded as a harness shop in Paris in 1837. It is known for its luxuriously printed silk scarves and its handmade bags, namely the Birkin and the Kelly bag. It is one of fashion's most exclusive brands thanks to its high prices and its years-long Birkin waiting list that has risen to near mythic importance among high-end shoppers. The company makes little effort to reach a broad demographic. A basic Birkin handbag costs about E 5000.

With the new shop in PC Hooftstraat, Holland is the 31st country where Hermès has a shop. All neighbouring countries of Holland already had Hermès shops.
The shop is located at PC Hooftstraat 97.