News of: Wednesday, May 24 2006,

Tuk tuk in Amsterdam and Zandvoort

Amsterdam and Zandvoort are to get a new form of public transport.

The Tuk Tuk Company (in Dutch only) introduces the typically Thai vehicles to Amsterdam in October 2006.
According to the website the tuk tuks will be in service between 2pm and 2am in Amsterdam. They can be called or flagged down in the street.

In Zandvoort (the main beach resort of Amsterdam, about half an hour by train) the tuk tuk will be used mainly along the beach boulevard, to and from the Zandvoort train station. Here they will start on July 1.
As the beach boulevard is several kilometers long, this will be a welcome alternative to walking back to the train station after a long day on the beach.
In Zandvoort the price for a ride is E 2.50, and the tuks tuks will run between 11am and 11pm.