Natalee Holloway

News of: Friday, February 01 2008,

Excitement about journalist's claim of having resolved Natalee Holloway case

The well-known Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries claims he solved the Natalee Holloway case.

Natalee Holloway (a teen age girl from the US) disappeared a few years ago on the island of Aruba, one of the Dutch Antilles.

One of the suspects was Joran van der Sloot (a Dutch citizen), but allegations that he killed her and made her body disappear could never be proven. Since Natalee's body was never found, it could not even be proven that she was actually killed. Just a few months ago, the Aruban authorities finally closed the case as unsolvable.

In a recent tv interview, with Peter de Vries and Joran van der Sloot present, Joran threw a glass of wine into de Vries's face.
Footage of this incident is on CNN's website.

Natalee's disappearance caused a lot of upheaval in the US. Natalee's mother gained a lot of attention with her accusations that the Aruban authorities didn't do enough to solve the case.
There was even a boycott organized against Aruba, the economy of which depends heavily on tourism from the US.

Peter R. de Vries now claims he has solved the case. He says he has done this with the help of hidden cameras. He informed the Aruban authorities about his findings, and Natalee's mother. He claims it is now certain that Natalee died. He will, however, not tell all details - these are to be revealed in a 2 hour broadcast on the Dutch commercial tv station SBS6, on Sunday evening, 9.30pm.

In the Dutch press there is a lot of speculation going on about who did it, and that likely Joran van der Sloot killed her. He has always denied this.

Bits of information are revealed on Peter de Vries's website.

Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway