Taxi on Damrak

News of: Tuesday, January 29 2008,

New taxi rates (starting February 1) not in all taxis

The official new taxi rates will apply from Friday February 1, although only 4 in 5 taxis have installed the new taxi meter.

The new rate system works as follows:
- start tariff of max. EUR 7.50, including the first 2 kilometers
- maximum of EUR 2.20 per kilometer after the first 2.

A main difference with the old system is that there is no 'waiting tariff': standing still before traffic lights or in traffic jams does not increase the final bill.

Taxi drivers who have not installed the new meter risk a fine of EUR 440,-.

The main taxi organization has taken the government to court about the new rules, as they do not agree with the new system. Nevertheless, the new system will take effect on Friday.

Taxi on Damrak

Taxi on Damrak