News of: Friday, February 17 2006,

Amsterdam plan for yellow cab, quality taxi

Alderman Van der Horst has presented a plan for an Amsterdam quality taxi mark.

Hopefully by the beginning of 2007 there should be at least 300 recognizable taxis in Amsterdam that have the quality mark. Later this should grow to about 1,500, about half of all taxis.

Some of the requirements to get the quality mark will be:
- driver must know the way
- driver must look presentable
- driver opens the door for clients and loads/unloads luggage
- must be able to speak Dutch and English
- short rides are not refused
- driver does not smoke

The taxi should be clearly recognizable by a standard colour, like the yellow cab in New York. The colour will not necessarily be yellow.

The quality taxis will get the exclusive right to make use of the tram lanes in the city (otherwise not allowed for cars), and make use of the official taxi stands in the city.

This year the city will work to make the plan reality.