News of: Saturday, February 18 2006,

New mosque in Amsterdam-Baarsjes get 42 meter minaret

After a 12 year long battle in the neighbourhood 'De Baarsjes', the construction of the largest mosque of Amsterdam, the Westermoskee can finally start.

The mosque will be built in Amsterdam-De Baarsjes, in Amsterdam West.
People in the neighbourhood have long battled against the mosque, for various reasons. The last discussion point was how tall the minaret could become.
An independent commission has now taken the binding decision it will become 42 meter high.

The new mosque (art impression or these pictures or the maquette), called Westermoskee or Aya Sofia (after the famous mosque in Istanbul, Turkey), will be modeled after the Aya Sofia. The design is by the French-Jewish architect couple Breitman.
It will be built in the Amsterdam School style (an architectural style from the beginning of the 20th century).

The complex is an initiative of the Turkish community in Amsterdam, and will also get an underground parking garage, a few hundred condominiums, and shops and office space.

The building project will be opened on February 28, by Minister of Justice Donner and Alderman Stadig.