News of: Friday, August 04 2006,

Amsterdam Ice Bar opened along the Amstel

A new pub has been opened in Amsterdam: the Amsterdam Ice Bar.

The 'glasses' in the bar are made of ice, and the temperature inside is 8 degrees below zero. Visitors get special clothing to withstand the cold.
The Ice Bar also has a warm lounge recover from this ice-cold adventure. The interior (designs are by the well-known Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie) will be renewed twice a year, because it tends to melt.

The staff will be replace every few hours as well.

Heineken will introduce a new type of beer in the Ice Bar: Heineken Extra Cold, which will be on draught from a so-called 'frosted ice tap'. Apparently, the beer is already a great success, and it will be for sale within a few weeks in various pubs and clubs in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

The Amsterdam Ice Bar is located at Amstel 194-196, opposite the Stopera (City Hall) and near Rembrandtplein. The entrance is E 15.