News of: Thursday, August 10 2006,

Flights cancelled to London Heathrow due to terrorist bomb alert

All incoming flights from Europe to London Heathrow have been cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation is the attempted terrorist attack on a plane from London to the US. The attack has been prevented, but security measures have been drastically stepped up on airport in the UK and the US.

One of the measures is that all flights from the Netherlands to London Heathrow are not allowed for now. Flights out of Heathrow airport are still allowed, and also other British airports will remain open for incoming flights.

It is not known at this moment how long this situation will continue.

Update 11pm:
Flights to the UK have been resumed. Delays might still occur. Increased security measures may still remain in effect. It is possible that carry-on items are limited to absolute essentials such as money, medicines etc. Laptops, cameras, IPods, etc. may have be refused. Fluids may also be refused, as the attacks on the planes were apparently going to be carried out with fluid explosives.