Lodewijk Napoleon in Amsterdam

News of: Tuesday, April 22 2008,

Amstedam forgets bicentennial of being the Dutch capital

Amsterdam has forgotten to celebrate that it has been the capital of the Netherlands for 200 years.

On April 20, 1808, Lodewijk Napoleon (brother of the French emperor Napoleon) went to Amsterdam, in a festive parade, to make it the capital of Holland. He had just been appointed King of Holland by his brother, but until then Den Haag (The Hague) was still the capital.

Lodewijk Napoleon decided to turn the city hall on Dam Square into his residence. The building has remained the Royal Palace ever since.

A hundred years ago, there was a large celebration, lasting a few days, in the presence of then Queen Wilhelmina.

It is unclear why the City of Amsterdam has not noticed the event, and it will be investigated how the bicentennial can be celebrated after all, this year.

Lodewijk Napoleon in Amsterdam

Lodewijk Napoleon in Amsterdam