News of: Monday, May 05 2008,

Fundraising party for Anne Frank tree on May 21

On May 21 there will be a fundraising party for the Anne Frank tree, the famous tree in the garden of the house where Anne Frank was in hiding for the Nazis.

The Stichting Support Anne Frank Tree organizes the party in De Rode Hoed.

The Foundation wants to celebrate that the tree was not cut down, and to raise money for further maintenance.
On the fundraising evening there will be auctions of chestnuts that came off the Anne Frank tree, and of saplings of the tree, so that you can plant your own Anne Frank tree.

The tree became world-famous as Amsterdam wanted to cut down the tree because it suffered from an illness, and there was a risk of the tree falling down. After actions and law suits by several people and groups, this plan was successfully stopped. The tree is now supported by a special metal construction, and is supposed to be saved for about 30 years.

(Everything during the evening will be in the Dutch language.)