News of: Friday, July 07 2006,

All of Rembrandts paintings in Beurs van Berlage

It is an impossible dream: to have all paintings made by Rembrandt together in one exhibition.

This is why the Beurs van Berlage has a special exhibition 'Rembrandt, all his paintings'.

All his paintings have been reproduced at full size with the most modern print techniques.

Also the biggest painting Rembrandt ever made is on show here, 'The Conspiracy of the Batavians under Claudius Civilis'. Many assume the famous Nightwatch is his biggest painting, but this measures only 3.60 by 4.37 meters, whereas the Conspiracy is 6 by 6.5 meter. The painting has never been actually produced by Rembrandt, and is only known through his pre-studies. On the exhibition the complete work can be seen.

The exhibition is from July 7 to September 3, from 11 to 5, and on Thirsday, Friday and Saturday evenings also 6pm to 10pm (daytime: E 10.-, evenings E 17.50).