News of: Wednesday, July 05 2006,

New public swimming pool 'Marnix' opened in Amsterdam Jordaan

The Marnix has reopened in the Amsterdam Jordaan district.

Apart from 2 swimming pools, the new centre has a 'Spa & Health Centrum' (which will open this autumn), a sports centre, gym facilities, and a restaurant.

One of the swimming pools is on the same level as the Singelgracht canal that is next to the building. From the pool you can look outside, so that you almost have the impression of swimming in the canal.
In the swimming pools a variety of activities take place, from aqua jogging and swimming lessons for children to swimming for pregnant women and nude swimming. The activities are in a schedule, which can be found (Dutch only) on the Marnix website.

The Marnix is located at Marnixplein 1, in the Jordaan area, at the end of Westerstraat. Opening hours are Monday-Friday 07.00-23.00
and Saturday-Sunday 09.00-23.00. Information by phone is on 020-5246000.