News of: Wednesday, August 29 2012,

World War II bomb found on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

The C pier on the Amsterdam airport has been closed and evacuated after the finding of an old World War II bomb in the ground.

The C pier handles European flights. Schiphol expects delays and cancellations because of the closure.

The bomb was found after digging at a building site. It still happens rather frequently that old air bombs are found from World War II, throughout the Netherlands. There is still a special government agency that deals with the removal of these explosives (the EOD).

The EOD will also handle the investigation and removal of the bomb found on the airport.

It is unknown at this point when the C pier will be released.

Update 5pm: A bomb has been found and transported away from the airport. It is 500 kilogram German bomb. It will be destroyed later in the evening.