News of: Saturday, November 26 2005,

Weather creates chaos in Netherlands

Today's severe weather has caused major problems on roads and railways.

Due to storm, heavy rain, hail, snow and thunderstorms traffic was disrupted today in large parts of the Netherlands.

The morning rush hour traffic jams did not solve and merged into the evening rush hour. In the morning many car accidents happened throughout the country.
Main roads had traffic jams of many kilometres, with drivers having to wait for hours to get home.

Even at midnight cars were still caught up in traffic, particularly in the eastern parts of the country. Police and health workers are driving along the traffic jams to provide help where needed. Also fire trucks are deployed to search for stranded people who need to be cut out of their cars.
Even the army, together with the Red Cross, is helping out to assist stranded drivers along the motorways A1 and A50. Blankets and warm drinks are distributed.
Drivers are advised to call the national emergency number 112 if help is needed.

Several roads and tunnels were closed due to slippery conditions caused by snow and ice.

According to the ANWB (the Dutch automobile organization) today was the worst traffic day ever recorded, with over 800 kilometers of traffic jams in the evening rush hour.

Also the railways were hit: trains between Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands, and Amsterdam were out of service because lightning struck near station Duivendrecht.
In several places the Dutch Railways are attempting to arrange accommodation for stranded travellers. In Rotterdam almost 1,000 people are stranded. The city is arranging accommodation.

In Amsterdam two workers in the western harbours were wounded because they were struck by lightning.