Vrede Giftshop

Vrede Giftshop

Warehouse Vrede was built in Oostzaan between 1721 and 1731 and was used as a storage barn for grain and rice until the 19th century.

It has become one of the 'best, well-stocked souvenir shops in the Netherlands'.
As well as good quality Dutch souvenirs the shop also specialises in exclusive giftware such as Delft pottery from the Royal Porceleyne Fles (anno 1653), Hummel figurines, Lilliput Lane houses and Swarovski Silver Crystal and jewellery as well as traditional Dutch 'Ot en Sien' and the charming English Willow Tree range.
The Vrede also specializes in ship' accessories and nautical giftware, including copper bells, pirates' flags and ships models as well as maritime and outdoor clothing from Roosenstein-Wolke and Saint James.

Kraaienest 4, Zaandam

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Vrede Giftshop @ Zaanse Schans

Vrede Giftshop @ Zaanse Schans

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