News of: Friday, June 16 2006,

Viktor & Rolf design exhibition in Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum

The famous fashion designers Viktor & Rolf have designed the new exhibtion 'Women from Tokyo & Paris' in the Van Gogh Museum.

'Women from Tokyo & Paris' reveals the influence of 19th-century Japanese prints and paintings by leading artists such as Eizan, Eisen and Kunisada, on paintings and especially lithographs by the Nabis and their circle.
Besides paintings and prints, the exhibition also features objects such as kimonos, robes, toiletries and musical instruments, showing how women lived their everyday life. The show traces a woman’s day from early morning to late in the evening: dressing and putting on her make-up, her various daytime activities, and the bustle of nightlife.

The exhibition is from July 7 to October 22 (open on Friday evenings until 22pm!).