Pond on Museumplein, with Rijksmuseum

News of: Friday, March 21 2014,

Van Gogh Museum closed on March 24 because of visit President Obama

President Obama will visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on March 24 in the morning.

Because of the presidential visit, strict security measures will apply. The Rijksmuseum will be closed on Monday, until 1pm.
As the President will arrive by helicopter on the Museumplein, the Van Gogh Museum will close the entire day (although Obama will not visit this museum).
The Stedelijk Museum will be closed until noon.

During the visit, the Museumplein (the square at which the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are located) will be closed off entirely.

People who live around the square are forbidden to open their windows during the visit, or be on their balconies.

Because of all the measures, it will not be possible for Amsterdammers (or visitors) to see the President in real life. His visit will be televised.

President Obama visits Amsterdam because of the Nuclear Security Summit which is held in The Hague on Monday and Tuesday.

For the same reason, the President of China, mr Xi Jinping, will visit Amsterdam. He will visit Dam Square tomorrow, Saturday March 22. Security measures will then apply on and around Dam Square.

Pond on Museumplein, with Rijksmuseum

Pond on Museumplein, with Rijksmuseum