News of: Sunday, March 04 2007,

Valet parking in Amsterdam shopping street PC Hooftstraat

In the upscale shopping street PC Hooftstraat a valet parking service started last Thursday.

PC Hooftstraat is the most expensive shopping street in Amsterdam, located in Amsterdam-South, near the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum (see the map).
On-street parking has always been a problem for the wealthy clientele (particularly on Saturdays), but from now on they can just hand the key of their cars to the valet parking staff, and for EUR 25,- they will park the car for 3 hours (3 hours is the maximum). The car will be parked in a parking garage. With a phone call you can ask for your car to be returned.
The service is available on 2 locations in PC Hooftstraat.

The service will be tested for 6 months. During this period it is available from Thursday to Sunday, during the opening hours (9 to 6).

Vouchers for the valet service can be purchased in the shops in PC Hooftstraat.