News of: Saturday, April 28 2007,

VOC ship 'Amsterdam' open again

The VOC ship 'Amsterdam' is open again for the public since yesterday.

The East Indiaman 'Amsterdam' had been towed from the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) to the nearby NEMO building (closer to the Central Station), because the Scheepvaartmuseum is undergoing a thorough redecoration and is closed for a few years.

On the ship you can see how the life on board used to be in the 17th century. During the time the ship is moored in front of the science museum NEMO, the exhibtion on the ship will be focusing more on the technology of those days.

Tickets for the boat can be bought in the NEMO.
Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 10-5 (closed on April 30, December 25 and January 1.