News of: Thursday, January 27 2005,

Unknown photographs by Prince Bernhard on display

Photographs by Prince Bernhard will be exhibited in the Verzetsmuseum/Resistance museum.

Starting on Thursday January 27, some 150 photographs and some films taken by the late Prince (who died recently and was the husband of Queen Juliana) can be seen in the Verzetsmuseum (Resistance Museum).

The pictures were made during WWII, and most are on display for the first time.
Included are photographs of the escape to England of the royal family after the invasion by the Germans on May 10 1940, visits by the Prince to his family in Canada, and footage taken while in service as a pilot of the (English) Royal Air Force.

Prince Bernhard played an important role in the Dutch army during the war, and was present at the surrender talks with the Germans in 1945.