News of: Friday, August 26 2005,

Uitmarkt Junior in Amsterdam Vondelpork allowed

A judge has ruled that the 'Uitmarkt Junior', the Uitmarkt for children can be organized in the Vondelpark.

The 'Vereniging Vrienden van het Vondelpark' (Society of Friends of the Vondelpark) was against it, as it feared damage to the 19th century park.

The judge ruled, however, that the organization has taken enough measures to prevent damage.

The Vondelpark was created in the late 19th century, and is by far the most famous park of Amsterdam. In recent years there have been problems with the water household of the park. As the park is lower than its surroundings, it tends to get too wet, which causes damage to the trees and other vegetation.

The Uitmarkt is the yearly start of the cultural season: many theatres and performers/groups give a presentation of their plans for the new year. Traditionally, it consists of a weekend full of short, 15 minutes' lasting, free performances, throughout the city centre. Many performances are on open air stages, many in the theatres themselves.
The Uitmarkt is always at the end of August, this year August 26 to 28. Most activities take place on the Museumplein square, behind the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.