News of: Sunday, July 29 2007,

Two Brits arrested for shooting arrows to pedestrians in Amsterdam centre

A second British national has turned himself in to the police, saying he is the companion of the arrow shooter arrested yesterday.

The 2 Brits drove around in a white van in the centre of Amsterdam, on Wednesday evening, shooting arrows randomly at pedestrians. Wednesday evening 3 men were hit, 28, 29 and 38 years old. The 38 year old man had to be treated in hospital.

Friday evening another passer-by was hit by an arrow in his back. He, however, stopped a taxi and went after the white van. He called the police, who were able to arrest a 23-year old British man outside a cafe. He carried the key belonging to the white van on him. His friend turned himself in yesterday.

The police describes the arrows as thin needles, about 3 inches long, with a plastic cap.

The motive for shooting the arrows is unknown.

Update July 31:
The police found out that the 2 Brits live in Amsterdam. In their apartment the police found drugs, weapons and E 15,000 in cash.
The man who chased the Brit with a taxi, so that he could be arrested, turns out to be a well-known Amsterdam kick boxer Remy Bonjasky. The police remunerated the taxi fare, and awarded him a medal.