News of: Wednesday, May 25 2005,

Tree behind Anne Frank House can stay for the time being

The chestnut tree in the garden behind the Anne Frank House can stay for some time.

The tree, which has become famous because it was the tree that Anne Frank could see from her hiding place, and which she described in her diary, has a disease.

Because it is the 'Anne Frank tree', a lot of money has been spent to investigate how the tree can be saved. It is infected with a fungus that affects the stability of the tree. People in the neighbourhood put garlic in the ground, in an attempt to cure the tree (the effect is unknown).

Every half year a thorough investigation of the health condition of the tree takes place.

Tomorrow, a part of the top of the tree, will be cut, in order to make the tree less sensitive to strong winds.

The tree has its own webcam.