News of: Tuesday, August 16 2005,

Train problems around Amsterdam Central Station partially fixed

As of this evening, two of the six railway tracks on the West side of Central Station are available for train service again.

This means that train service can be partially resumed between Amsterdam Central Station and destinations West and North of Amsterdam, such as Schiphol Airport, Alkmaar and Haarlem.

Partly, incoming trains will stop at Amsterdam Sloterdijk (the station just West of Central Station), and passengers will be transported by buses to Central Station.

Train service to and from other directions (Utrecht, Amersfoort, Rotterdam) are not affected any more.

Tomorrow, with the start of Sail 2005, extra trains will be used to transport the estimated 1.2 million visitors who will go to Sail 2005 by train. It is unknown whether all planned extra trains can be used.

For travellers to Schiphol Airport: you may also use the train connection from Amsterdam Central Station to Duivendrecht, and change there for Schiphol Airport. This takes about 40 minutes.
Another option is to use one of the taxis in front of the Central Station, or call 020-6 777 777 (the most important taxi dispatch in Amsterdam), to call a taxi.

During Sail 2005 there will also be extra trams to the train station Amsterdam Sloterdijk, at the end of the evening program. From Amsterdam Sloterdijk you can take a train to the airport.

In general, you are well advised to start travelling to the airport earlier than normal if you have a plane to catch.

It is also expected that there may be more car traffic problems around Amsterdam during Sail 2005 than normal.

You may also find train information on the website of the Dutch Railways.