News of: Tuesday, October 09 2007,

Tourist naked through the streets in Amsterdam West after using 'magic mushrooms'

This weekend a German tourist caused a chaos on the Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam-West, where he ran around naked.

In the end a truck driver picked him up, and handed him over to the police, who brought him to the psychiatric ward of a hospital for treatment.
The German man said he had been using 'magic mushrooms', mushrooms that contain a drug.

The incident is another one in a series of mushroom-related incidents, some of which with serious consequences. The number of incidents in which an ambulance was called, increased from 55 in 2005 to 128 in 2006.

A week ago, a British tourist attacked his Danish friend after eating the mushrooms. Several police officers were needed to control the British man (who was put in a prison cell for a night to calm down).

Mayor Job Cohen recently announced he wants to implement a 3-day cooling-off period between the sale and the delivery of the mushrooms. In the meantime, the buyers should get the opportunity to get information about the effects of 'magic mushrooms' (nicknamed 'paddo's' in Dutch).