Bike path through the Rijksmuseum passage

News of: Saturday, January 10 2015,

Tourist dies near Rijksmuseum, after collision with moped

A British tourist (61), who was hit by a moped last Thursday near the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, died in the hospital Friday evening.

The accident between the pedestrian and the moped happened on Thursday January 8, close to the passageway in the Rijksmuseum building.

This pedestrian/cyclist tunnel has been in the news very much, in connection with the renovation of the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum wanted the passageway closed for cyclist, and cyclists (and the Dutch Cyclist Union) wanted it open. At the start of the renovation it had been promised the cycleway through the museum would re-open, and politicians eventually decided it would be a cycle path again - but only after a lot of debate.

The accident happened on a pedestrian crossing in front of the Rijksmuseum, apparently not in the passageway itself.

The tourist, who had regained consciousness after the accident on Thursday, died Friday evening in the hospital.

Bike path through the Rijksmuseum passage

Bike path through the Rijksmuseum passage