Gay pride 2007

News of: Saturday, August 04 2012,

Today Gay pride tour in Amsterdam canals

Today is the most important event of the gay pride week in Amsterdam, the Gay Pride Canal Tour.

The canal tour consists of 80 large decorated boats that sail along the Prinsengracht canal and the river Amstel, mostly with a lot of music.
The spectacle normally draws up to half a million spectators.

This year, it was in the news that the security organization of the event was a 'chaos'. A report by the police to this effect had come out. The city ensures that problems have been fixed, and that nobody needs to worry about safety.
Last year, no serious incidents happened, despite the problems in the security organization.

The Canal Parade starts at 2pm on Saturday, and it takes about 3 to 4 hours for the parade to reach the end.
Here is a map with the route of the Amsterdam Gay Pride tour.

The complete event calendar (also in English) is on the official gay pride website.

Gay pride 2007

Gay pride 2007