News of: Sunday, June 11 2006,

Teenagers beat up passers-by in centre Amsterdam

A group of teenagers in the age of 16 to 20 have beaten up 3 passers-by in the centre of Amsterdam. This was reported by the police yesterday.

The event took place on Saturday afternoon, around 4.30pm, in broad daylight, in the busiest shopping streets in down-town Amsterdam.

The group walked from Heiligeweg via Spui to Kalverstraat and attacked a guard of a fashion store, they beat an American tourist knock-out and another passer-by was so severely beaten that he had to be taken to hospital immediately. The victims appear to have been chosen at random, a motive is unknown.

Then the teenagers visited a fast-food restaurant, where a group of 12-year old children overheard the group bragging about the beatings. The children subsequently warned the police, who arrested 3 members of the group. The group is thought to be bigger than 3 persons.