News of: Tuesday, July 19 2005,

Taxi stand Amsterdam Central Station redesigned - drivers angry

Today the newly designed taxi stand in front of the Central Station was opened.

As of today, a maximum of 15 taxis are allowed to wait on the taxi stand. If the stand is full, taxis are supposed to drive around.

New rules have been implemented: clients can choose which taxi they like to use, and they can not be refused for short trips (as apparently often happened).

The measures are intended to end the chaos that existed on the taxi stand, after the liberalization of the taxi market a few years ago, and increase the quality of taxi service.
According to alderman Van der Horst, the taxi stand gave a very bad first impression of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands, as taking a taxi is often the first thing tourists do after they arrive at the Central Station.

Taxi drivers, confronted with the new rules, reacted angrily. They say it is all the fault of the government, when they decided to give everyone the right to have a taxi licence.

Surveillance staff and security cameras are used to enforce the new rules.
A barrier has been placed to make sure that no more than 15 taxis can enter the taxi stand. It is rumoured already that the barrier will be destroyed soon by angry chauffeurs.