News of: Sunday, May 18 2008,

Taxi rank at Amsterdam Central Station again a mess

The old problems at the taxi rank at the Central Station are back again. The City has announced tougher enforcement of the rules.

Although it is officially forbidden to enter the taxi rank (nicknamed by some drivers the 'Gaze Strip') without a special permit, the old problems have returned.
Long lines of taxis are waiting to get on the taxi rank, there are arguments among them, they are sometimes rude to clients, sometimes charge too high prices and often refuse short rides.

Some months ago, these problems seemed to have dissappeared, as the city of Amsterdam introduced stringent rules for taxis at the Central Station. Because the enforcement has been softened, particularly during the night, the problems are partially back again.

A spokesperson of the City admitted the problems are known, and in the course of this week measures will be taken.