News of: Tuesday, January 10 2006,

Taxi check in Amsterdam and other cities

Yesterday the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management checked hundreds of taxis throughout the country for carrying a valid taxi pass.

Having a taxi pass is required since January 1, and to get one a driver needs to pass an exam. The measure was taken as part of the liberalization of the taxi market, which caused a flood of new taxi drivers and companies on the market, causing a lot of complaints about quality and service.
The exam is intended to improve the quality of the taxi companies.

In Amsterdam and at Schiphol airport only 7 drivers were caught without a pass. Probably this is caused by the fact that the check was announced. More checks will follow in the course of the year.

Also the technical state of the car, the licence plate papers, the driver's licence and various other things were checked.

Amsterdam will, additionally, come with extra measures to stop taxi drivers from refusing short rides.