News of: Thursday, November 02 2006,

Starting 6 November 2006 new rules for hand baggage

New rules on what is permitted in hand luggage will take effect on 6 November 2006. Liquids, gels and aerosols are only allowed in hand luggage in small quantities (no more than 100 ml per item) and if correctly packaged.

These rules will apply to all passengers departing from or changing planes at EU airports.

The new rules for hand luggage were introduced after the arrest of suspected terrorists in Britain in August 2006. The suspects were thought to be involved in a plot to destroy aircraft using liquid explosives. Liquids in hand luggage are now subjected to greater restrictions and stricter controls to reduce the chances of such an attack.

More information can be found on the Schiphol airport website (choose your language in top right corner, then click on 'News' - news is dated October 20).
As the rules apply within all 25 EU countries, they will probably also be mentioned on your 'home airport' website.