News of: Thursday, July 05 2007,

Spongebob parody about China by Amsterdam comedians causes debate on YouTube

A video clip made by the Amsterdam English language comedy theater Boom Chicago has caused a busy discussion on YouTube.
The Chinese embassy has reacted negatively on the clip.

The video clip has been watched almost 2.5 million times (at the moment) and more than 10,000 comments have been placed.

In the animation clip, the cartoon character Sponge Bob (made to look more Chinese) goes to work on Sunday, and criticizes Chinese state oppression and labour conditions.

Some say the clip ridicules China, others say it only criticizes certain things in China.
According to Boom Chicago the clip was just meant to be funny, with a critical note. A spokesman says the idea came when the Spongebob Squarepants character was sold to China, and at the same time Google agreed that the Chinese government could censor the Chinese version of Google.